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Getting Started

The quickstart will help create a new project from scratch so you can start using Prisma.

If you already have a project, please start with 2. Install Prisma CLI.

1. Create a new Dart project

First, you need to create a new Dart project. If you are not familiar with Dart, you can refer to Official Dart Documentation.

dart create hello

2. Install Prisma CLI

Prisma CLI is a command-line tool officially provided by Prisma for managing Prisma projects. It helps you generate Prisma clients, generate the models required by Prisma clients, and perform database migrations.

npm i prisma

Since Prisma CLI is a Node.js application, you need to have Node.js installed. If you are not familiar with Node.js, you can refer to Node.js official documentation.

Also, you need to add the node_modules directory to your .gitignore file to avoid committing the node_modules directory to the Git repository.

3. Initialize the Prisma project

A Prisma project is a project that contains the Prisma client and the models required by the Prisma client. You can initialize a Prisma project using the Prisma CLI.

npx prisma init

You will get a .env file that contains configuration information for the Prisma project.


Please replace USER, PASSWORD, HOST, PORT, DATABASE and SCHEMA with your database information.

and a prisma/schema.prisma file containing the models required by the Prisma client.

generator client {
  provider = "prisma-client-js"

datasource db {
  provider = "postgresql"
  url = env("DATABASE_URL")

4. Install Prisma client Dart

Prisma client Dart is a Dart version of the Prisma client for interacting with the Prisma engine.

dart pub add orm

5. Modify the generator configuration in the schema.prisma file

generator client {
  provider = "dart run orm"

6. Add data model

Add the data model in the schema.prisma file.

model User {
   id Int @id @default(autoincrement())
   name String
   email String @unique

7. Push the model to the database

npx prisma db push

8. Install build_runner and json_serializable

dart pub add build_runner -d # required
dart pub add json_serializable -d # required
dart pub add json_annotation # optional, but recommended

9. Generate Prisma client

npx prisma generate
dart run build_runner build

10. Using the Prisma Client

import 'package:orm/logger.dart';

import 'src/generated/prisma/prisma_client.dart';

final prisma = PrismaClient(
   stdout: Event.values, // print all events to the console
   datasources: Datasources(
     db: 'postgresql://USER:PASSWORD@HOST:PORT/DATABASE?schema=SCHEMA',

main() async {
   try {
     final user = await prisma.user.create(
       data: UserCreateInput(
         name: 'Alice',
         email: '',

   } finally {
     await prisma. $disconnect();

Released under the BSD-3-Clause License