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Prisma client allows you to aggregate on the int fields (such as Int and Float) of your models. The following query returns the average age of all users:

final age = prisma.user.aggregate().$avg().age();

print('Average age: $age');

You can combine aggregation with filtering and ordering. For example, the following query returns the average age of users:

  • Ordered by age ascending
  • Where email contains
  • Limited to the 10 users
final agregate = prisma.user.aggregate(
  where: UserWhereInput(
    email: StringFilter( contains: '' ),
  orderBy: [
    UserOrderByWithRelationInput(age: OrderByArg.asc)
  take: 10,

final age = await agregate.$avg().age();

print('Average age: $age');


  • $avg() - Returns the average Fluent API
  • $count() - Returns the count Fluent API
  • $max() - Returns the maximum Fluent API
  • $min() - Returns the minimum Fluent API
  • $sum() - Returns the sum Fluent API

Released under the BSD-3-Clause License