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What is Prisma (for Dart)?

Prisma (for Dart) is a next-generation ORM for Dart and Flutter.

  • Most Popular Databases: Prisma supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB and CockroachDB.
  • Type-safe: Prisma Client is a query builder that’s tailored to your schema. We designed its API to be intuitive, both for SQL veterans and developers brand new to databases. The auto-completion helps you figure out your query without the need for documentation.
  • Human-readable: Prisma schema is intuitive and lets you declare your database tables in a human-readable way — making your data modeling experience a delight. You define your models by hand or introspect them from an existing database.

Developer Experience

Prisma ORM aims to provide a simple, type-safe, multi-database supported ORM for a great Dart backend development experience.


Unlike Dart other connected databases, Prisma is a sane ORM.

  • Type-safe

    Any input in your editor or IDE will be hinted at the parameter type, and even some editors or IDEs can use these hints for auto-completion.

  • Multi-database

    Prisma ORM supports multiple databases, and you can migrate between different databases without modifying the code.

What About Prisma client Dart?

Prisma client Dart is the Dart version of (Prisma ORM)(, which is an ORM and also a Dart client for Prisma engines.

There are significant differences between Prisma client Dart and Prisma client JS/TS, but their APIs are as consistent as possible. From this, we can reuse most of the documentation content in Prisma Documentation.

Does it have any flaws?

  1. Due to the limitations of the Dart language, we cannot implement all the functions supported by Prisma in the Dart language, such as select, include and more input types, and we cannot achieve dynamic output type construction.

  2. Need to rely on build_runner and json_serializable to complete the serialization and deserialization of the model, which will lead to some unnecessary dependencies and cumbersome construction steps.

Released under the BSD-3-Clause License